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Vijai vows to give pro-Goenkaar govtMARGAO: Vijai Sardessai has vowed to give a pro-Goenkaar stable government the BJP-MGP-GFP coalition.
Speaking after offering the sacred coconut to lord Daambaab at Ped on the eve of Shigmo in Margao, Vijai said, “The chief minister too is speaking the language of Goenkaarponn which is a sign that we have all united and have formed the government of the people.”
On joining hands with the BJP, Vijai said that he took the decision after a careful thought and for the good future of Goa. 
Pointing out that though the Congress was the single largest party but one of its MLAs has already resigned, Vijai said that if this trend continued, then, the government would have changed every two weeks. Such instability would not have been good for Goa, he explained.
“We are with the government and we are responsible for the defence minister to resign and come back to Goa to be the chief minister. There is no question of backstabbing this government now,” Vijai said.
He said that Congress is overloaded with overambitious leaders who were former chief ministers and want to be the next chief minister. “I have and will take full responsibility, because there was no other option and the option that was available was a Khichdi,” Vijai said.
Meanwhile, Vijai offered sacred coconut at Pimpalkatta Margao, in view of the Shigmo festival.
When asked what he prayed for from Daambaab, he said, ‘I have prayed to Daambaab to protect the unity that we have brought about and have prayed to bless entire Goans, not just the Hindus but also the numerous Catholics and Muslims of whom Daambaab is a deity of. I have prayed to god to give us strength to protect the interest of all these Goans while doing our duty as the Cabinet Ministers.
On the two Shigmos in the city, Vijai said, “Shigmo shouldn’t be of politicians and this is a good sign that a non-politician Sujay Lotliker is chairing the organisation.”